Things To Know About A H-1B Visa

Navigating through the different visas that allow foreigners to come to the United States for work can be frustrating and intimidating. The H-1B is no exception. Whether you already have a company sponsoring you to come to the US or are looking for a company to work for that will sponsor you, it is a good idea to hire an H-1B visa lawyer to help with the process. As you begin the journey, here are a few important facts about this type of visa.

Visa Approval is Based on a Lottery

Unless there are fewer applicants than the yearly visa cap, your application will be entered into a random lottery. If you have a master's degree the application will go into a lottery with other applicants who hold that degree. If you are not picked from that pool, your application will then go into the general lottery pool. People who have a master's degree often get two chances to be picked for the visa. If you are not picked, you can apply again in the following years, but your chances of approval remain the same.

Duration of Visa

The H-1B visa allows you to stay in the country for three years. It is possible to extend it for an additional three years. Six years is generally the maximum amount of time you can use this visa (there are exceptions for specific jobs.) However, this visa also allows you to apply for permanent residency during your stay. It is common for people to come to the US with an H-1B visa with the intent of applying for a green card as soon as they are approved and in the country. It should also be noted that if you leave the US for at least one year, the six-year duration starts all over.

Family Visa

Your family will be permitted to apply for an H4 visa to accompany you. This visa has no cap limit on the number of people accepted. Your family will be allowed to come with you, work, get a driver's license, and receive a social security number. 

If you have a career that is in desperate need in the United States, talk with an H-1B visa lawyer. They will help you prepare all the documents and applications required to send in for the lottery. If you do not currently have a company to sponsor you on this journey, the lawyer may be able to find one for you.