Hiring a Japanese Immigration Lawyer to Assist Your Application

When you first decide to emigrate to the United States from Japan, you might prioritize becoming a legal resident as quickly as possible. You want to remain in the country so you can keep your job and remain with friends and relatives who already live here. However, you also know that you may not be entirely suited to handle the permanent residency application by yourself. Instead of risking your stay in the country, you can hire a Japanese immigration lawyer to assist you in the application process.

Proving Valid Employment

Part of your ability to remain in the country can hinge on what kind of job that you have. If you are a skilled worker, such as a surgeon or professor, you may need to apply for and get a specialized visa that allows you to remain in the country in a professional capacity. However, you need to show that you have the education and skills needed to work in this specialized capacity and maintain this kind of visa. Your Japanese immigration lawyer can provide these credentials to the INS and show that you are professionally trained and have the experience to keep a job as a professor, surgeon, or other type of specialty worker while living in this country.

Acquiring Student Credentials

If you want to come to this country as a student, you will need to apply for and get a student visa. However, you may not know how to apply for this kind of visa. You may not even know how to prove what school you want to go to or what kind of degree you plan to pursue while enrolled. Your Japanese immigration attorney can assist you in getting a student visa, however. They can inform INS about what university you plan to attend, what degree program you will enroll in, and how long it may take you to graduate. 

Finally, your Japanese immigration lawyer can assist you with family-based immigration. They can assist you in having a relative sponsor you on his or her visa. You can also help you with sponsoring relatives on your visa while you are here. 

A Japanese immigration attorney can provide help with getting a visa to stay legally in the country and pursue permanent residency. They can show that you are a specialized worker or student. This lawyer can also help with family visa issues. Reach out to a Japanese immigration lawyer near you to learn more.