Prolonging Or Preventing Deportation By Hiring A Removal Attorney

When you are faced with being deported, you want to do everything in your power to remain in the country for as long as possible. It is understandable if you do not want to go back to your home country where you could face hardships and persecution.

Instead of submitting to deportation orders, you can take legal action to prolong or prevent them. To do this, you can start by hiring a removal attorney to take your case and represent you in court. 

Explaining Criminal Offenses

You may have received your deportation order after being released from jail or prison. Even after you serve out your sentence, you cannot rejoin society. You face the prospect of being sent back home because of your offense. 

However, when you hire a removal attorney, you can explain why you pose no harm to society. Your lawyer can argue that you have served out your time and paid your debt to society. They can also argue for why you do not deserve to be sent back home simply because of an offense that may not have been violent in nature.

Demonstrating Professional or Family Ties

The removal attorney that you hire can also show the court that you have ties to the community and would experience hardship if you were sent back home. For example, you may have an established career here. You also may have family members who depend on your presence and income.

These factors can be enough to convince the judge to allow you to stay. They may see that you are a responsible member of society and have taken steps to contribute to everyday life in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Path to Citizenship

Finally, your removal attorney can tell the court that you want to apply for citizenship and are not here simply to avoid going home. You may want to become a citizen and enjoy all of the rights and responsibilities that come with it. Your lawyer can also start the process for you and assist you in the challenges of passing your citizenship test and proving your identity.

A removal attorney can provide critical services to people facing deportation orders. They can show why you are not a threat to society and should not be deported. Your lawyer can also explain your ties to the community and explain that you intend to apply to become a permanent citizen. For more information about this process, contact a company like Pope & Associates PC.