How The President's Views On Immigration Would Affect Refugees

Recently, the newly-elected President of the U.S. restricted travel on anyone coming into the country from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. One particular individual made headline news as he was returning from visiting family in one of these countries and was stranded in an airport until the ban was lifted. While the President continues to push for restrictions on refugees from Muslim nations, you may wonder how that affects all refugees from predominantly Muslim nations, such as the one your family came from. You can ask an immigration attorney, such as one from David Borts Law Office. Read the following.

Immigration Would Be Much More Difficult

Anyone who looks Muslim, comes from a predominantly Muslim nation, or claims that he/she is a follower of Islam may find it much more challenging to come to America. Immigration lawyers would have to help these refugees jump through several additional legal hoops, including intensive and extensive background checks, Homeland security clearances, and military histories in their home nations.

Even those who do not follow Islam, but come from an Islamic nation may find that they have to jump through the same hoops. American citizens who travel back to these countries to visit relatives or act as missionaries may find that they cannot re-enter the country without a thorough screening. It would, undoubtedly, be a very difficult re-entry if the ban were enacted.

Muslims Might Deny Their Religion to Enter the Country

Despite any restrictions on those who are Muslim, many who really want and need to escape the war-torn areas of their native countries may just be desperate enough to pretend to be a religion they are not. Denying refugees based on their religion would just result in an influx of refugees claiming to be a different religion. There have been many such similar incidents throughout history. One prime example are the many Jews who wanted to escape Germany and pretended to be Catholic or Lutheran in order to get out. While there is nothing wrong with wanting asylum in the U.S., it would strip immigrants of their right to citizenship as they would be lying on their applications.

Refugees Would Find a Neighboring Country until They Could Come Here

Canada and Mexico are willing to take in refugees that the U.S. is not. If the refugees flee to either of these countries instead, they could stay there until it seemed safe enough to venture into the U.S. It is also easier to work with an immigration lawyer from the north if you have lived in Canada for at least a year.  That said, many refugees might just take the indirect route from Canada to the U.S., waiting until the current President is out of office and working with immigration lawyers at that time to become U.S. citizens.